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Monday Handwork



Documenting our lives, processing some of it through writing,  sharing my experiences (as a way to support & educate other moms, moms of twins), and developing a creative space for myself have been just some of my more humble goals in creating this blog. Ah, but life ebbs and flows and I suppose I didn’t take full advantage of those ebbs! Wait, were there any?

When the girls were younger– especially around 2 years and under, I would just about feel comfortable,  just about exhale that famous sigh of relief  (ebb) when a new development, problem, disruption would bust in, completely unannounced (flow)! Typically a new stage, a new need….change.  It would often take days or weeks to even recognize that that’s what it was! Oh, change. Again.  It is understandable to first reflect on recent events such as diet or sleep patterns as the source of the problem.  “Maybe once we settle back into things from our weekend away, things will be normal.” Whatever that is! Many of these so-called “changes” I think, were more pronounced because of the twin factor. Frequently, it had to do with their interaction–being the same age and therefore developmentally similar, they tend to work these new developments out with each other. Not so much fun.

From these times, the girls grew and therefore there was a need to alter things just a bit. Just a simple  reminder that things are always changing and we need not get too comfortable with any one TIME.  The real gift of being home with children is this–to be constantly reminded of the consistent change. To live each moment, right? However, on the very practical level of raising children and staying at home with them all the time, needs change  and more often than not it requires one to take a step back and re-think the current situation. As parents, that’s a big part of our job. What isn’t working? What is? Where is the source of conflict or issue? Some personal reflection and output is essential. What was the solution? 100% of the time “it” simply required my presence. Walk them through the transition, guide them through the disagreement, have an increased presence around these iffy times. I say simply, not because it is easy, but it is an easy answer and one that as parents can be too often overlooked while we cast our sights on other potential solutions–sleep? diet? personalities?. They need us to teach them.

It is such a pleasure that I have been afforded these years at home that I have been able to step back and tweak our little world to better meet their needs, to help them grow and provide them with quality time together, opportunities to take it all in, a chance to not rush…to make this world (our itty bitty world) a sweet place.

We have always had a daily and weekly rhythm. I can’t emphasis enough the importance of this practice –especially with twins, but really I think it benefits all children. All children truly need and desire some “flexible” routine in their days. At 3 months and at 3 years. Our routine has evolved over the years  to meet our needs. Monday is Handwork Day this year. I love it because it provides an opportunity to make things and take care of things–with our hands! After the typically busy  weekend and especially busy Sunday, I really looked forward to these nesting Mondays at home. We have made cards, soaps, lotions (one especially designed for bumps and scrapes made with marigold oil), clay bowls, various decorations for holidays, flower arrangements…the list goes on!  We have embroidered, knitted, planted and weeded our garden, sewn napkins, felted!

If there’s time after the morning activity, we often sit at the dining table and “journal.”  While at times I have drawn a blank on the eve of Handwork Day, I can usually come up with something! Make something, fix something or take care of something. Those are my perimeters! I value being able to teach them a skill and the value of caring for our belongings and our home.  Also, handwork is so much about working with them, right beside them–it really is special!  What an opportunity for me it has been, too!

Today we did circle time (play games and sing songs), then mended a two special ceramic bunnies and a wooden tray. We then ran outside before the rain and played hopscotch. Before lunch we all  wrote and drew in our journals.

Circle Time — basket of songs and gamesCircle Time

Circle TimeIMG_2017

Our repaired bunnies!IMG_2040


IMG_2047 IMG_2065 IMG_2067

4 thoughts on “Monday Handwork

  1. So sweet! Isn’t it funny how kids love hopscotch? They look so proud of themselves!

  2. You make Mondays look like so much fun…

  3. mindful parenting and you have the insight to record it for them for when they are older, older and oldest. a precious gift I wish I would have thought of for mine. Brava, chica

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