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christmas eve– it all comes together

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I have really enjoyed preparing for Christmas this last month with the girls. We inaugurated the month long festivities with lantern making on their birthday, then on to decorating the house with pine and holly, ornament-making ensued, followed by neighborhood walks where we left gifts and cards for our friends. It has been a truly mindful time. We have tried to bring more light inside, more of the outside within our walls, making our nest, as the girls would say. All of it is beautiful.

I can list the ways that having children has altered “my” life- changed it from what IT WAS. However, I know that this last month wouldn’t have been about tapping into the magic of living without them. It isn’t just that children remind you of the simplicity of life or love, but they offer you true, genuine opportunities to tap into it.

In response to worrying about the sale of a house several years ago, a friend of mine said, well, it is out of your hands! I felt liberated hearing his words and was so impressed with both the brilliance and simplicity of his words! So much or really everything is that way, isn’t it?? It all comes together.




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