Mojave in my Heart

From a not-so childlike beginning in New York City to my child inspired world here and now




I’m Sheila– former high school history teacher, forever curious, and now a mostly stay at home mama to twin girls born in November 2008. I have decided to write this blog for a few reasons. I’m looking forward to writing about my life with the girls (and things in between) as a way of connecting with family and friends (old and new to come), creative expression, practical understanding, and maybe posterity (we’ll see how far I get). I hope through my stories and tidbits, others will find fellowship and maybe inspiration (I don’t want to set the bar too high)! I say this because I have been so inspired by fellow mama bloggers and I do hope I can return the gift, even in the slightest to someone.

Like all new mothers, motherhood transformed my world–from my daily routines, thoughts, and actions to my big picture: my vision, my hopes, my understanding. It allowed dormant dreams to begin to take form, first only in thought and then over time in some action, as I’m still dreaming and acting! Confidence surfaced allowing me to forge ahead into this new, unfamiliar and yet so simple and wonderful world. Since the birth of my twin girls, life has slowly made more sense–in some ways.

While being a mother is supposed to be “natural,” often it doesn’t feel so “natural,” as in easy and smooth… How to handle all the incredible change—my body, my marriage, my personal life, me?! Whoa—a baby? (or with twins, babies)?! What to do about my career, my job, my independence? What about my life?! How am I going to do all of this?

I have walked into many (not all) turning points of my life, mindfully and this was no different. The only difference that I can see right now is that it ushered in the most change, most quickly! I’m often surprised by the fact that I am a mama to twin toddlers! Usually the dream doesn’t last this long, does it? I better start documenting some of it here!

I think that the turning point and the change that motherhood affords us is an opportunity to decide what we want, not a sentence of: do what we’re supposed to do. While at times I feel like a doctor’s appointment is a “nice break,” I more often feel so lucky that I have the chance to act on what I believe is important and special and share that with my children and those around us.


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