Mojave in my Heart

From a not-so childlike beginning in New York City to my child inspired world here and now

spontaneous fun

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: : a stump



led to a curb, to a hill, to a vacant lot, to a big old tree and some fun found!

While playgrounds and museums are absolutely great, Ijust love when we find some spontaneous fun on a typical outing. Sometimes I find the park a little hmmm…boring and the museum or set activity, too defined with expectation, like “this is what you do.” Of course those activities can have their own dose of spontaneity and I’ll  have to work on that. Our walks and random little finds offer variety and creativity. I also find I get to engage with them more…

It also reminds me of experiences in New York City where there’s a different little world just waiting to be found, maybe around the next corner!

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