Mojave in my Heart

From a not-so childlike beginning in New York City to my child inspired world here and now

a look at how things looked, last week or so

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They made decorative banners with beautiful feathers, pine branches and salt dough ornaments. They baked cookies, dog treats and scones. We played and walked around our neighborhood. Saw friends, wrapped gifts, and read lots. As I strayed, the girls brought me back, always offering their joy.

IMG_9306 IMG_9308 IMG_9323 IMG_9329


Stephen and I held back the tears (of pure joy, excitement, pride) as they danced beautiful ballet at the holiday show in Louisville. It is an indescribable feeling watching your children out there in the world, on stage, DOING all on their own. Time completely stood still as I held Stephen’s hand, absorbing those precious moments.



I made up a child-friendly version story of Saint Lucia. We talked about the light within and baked Santa Lucia bread. Regular sized and miniature.


A photo taken by one of the girls. I love finding their world on my camera.


The girls have the sweetest voices and this night was no different!


We returned to the animal shelter bearing gifts for dogs and cats. We also spent time with doggies that needed a little extra love. Roxie is a super cute border collie available for adoption!



Arlene as Mary at the live nativity. It was simple, genuine, magical– standing in the barn together, in the dark, singing, listening, young voices, old voices, llamas, sheep–all of us together.



Girls night out — pizza down the street.


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