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From a not-so childlike beginning in New York City to my child inspired world here and now

Spontaneous Spirits

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Mary and Lloyd’s visit was wonderful. We sketched out lots of trip ideas and promised we’d give them a couple days to acclimate before hiking at the high elevation. Of course we ended up
hiking at Chautauqua the very first full day. We explored beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park, rode the carousel in Nederland, celebrated the summer solstice with friends, lazed at the pool, walked Pearl Street (some of us barefoot) and drank coffee. Stephen and I caught a couple concerts, hiked an amazing trail and were blown away by the sparkly night
sky at Rainbow Lakes. We awoke to cool mountain air and a warm campfire. We smiled a whole lot.
The next week was just as full and balanced. Our weeks together took on their own rhythm — Lloyd’s morning walks, Mary and the girls’ bookmaking projects, Stephen and I catching a run or yoga. Baseball time! More hikes! Denver Botanic Gardens, Red Rocks Amphitheater, the pool…Sundays started with the quiet reflection
of Quaker Meeting.
Saying goodbye was difficult. One of the hardest aspects of moving out west was moving away from Gommie and Poppie. It’s been so special to watch their relationship grow these years. It was incredible to see it come into bloom so easily these last weeks . It was comforting to know we will see them in a few months, but still hard to say goodbye.
It wasn’t long after being home that the wheels started turning. Maybe we should embark on a little travel adventure sooner than next week! One of our most adventurous adventures before the girls started with: where’s Panic playing tonight? That morning 7 years ago in southern Utah ended with us in Alpine, California that night. This particular day after dropping the family off at the airport was defined with a similar question and a similar answer. Panic? California in 3 days. We mulled it over, checked out some maps, skipped the beer and started planning our trip to Panic in California. If we’re going to California, why not Yosemite? Aunt Diana? The beach!? See some seals on the coast! Swing back to Utah from Texas? End up in Zion before home?
What a full wonderful unbroken circle!



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