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mondays & mornings: life with twins

It took time, but we have finally embraced a weekly rhythm. It is there to guide the days, not dictate them. I find that little extra focus inspiring and meaningful. Each day of the week has an anchor, so to speak,  that the rest of the day is built around.  Monday mornings look like this:

  • rise and shine ~good morning song and stories
  • preparing breakfast & eating
  • clean-up/wash-up/dressing
  • circle time ~ a daily routine where we sing songs & nursery rhymes
  • play ~ often after circle time we will play for a bit in their room (puzzles, blocks, dolls, etc.)
  • our monday anchor (usually around 10) ~ outdoor adventure where we gear up and head out for the morning
  • back home for lunch around noon

Mondays = outdoor adventure! We take walks nearly everyday, but Monday is for taking a walk somewhere new and hopefully a little more exciting than our typical neighborhood stroll…So far it hasn’t poured on Mondays, so weather hasn’t derailed us yet. I’m thinking we will get some raincoats and boots so that when Spring springs, we’ll be prepared.

IMG_0203 - Copy IMG_0206 - Copy
IMG_0114 - Copy
IMG_0115 - Copy IMG_0116 - Copy

IMG_0121 - Copy
IMG_0126 - Copy
IMG_0157 - Copy
IMG_0134 - Copy IMG_0148 - Copy
IMG_0123 - Copy

We kneeled over a small bridge and watched this pretty scene for awhile. They loved saying “moss, green…” and “water…move…” The sounds were soothing, too.

Duke Gardens on a very cold morning in January.

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