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art on wednesdays

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Wednesday Art

Mondays we go for walks. Tuesdays we bake. Wednesdays we try to do something artisitc.  Which is not to say that we can’t explore our “creative side” on other days, but we always dedicate time on Wednesdays for these endeavors.  I am ejoying the growing options as they age!

We color with different types of crayons, pencils, and chalk. We sculpt with “play dough” or actual sculpey clay (and make real things)! We finger paint  and paint with brushes. Watercolor painting, though is our favorite.


So, more often than not, we paint with watercolors. For toddlers it allows a little more opportunity to play with color than with other “thicker” paints that just glob up so quickly and look brown no matter what the combinations. Watercoloring is a little more forgiving in that respect and they seem to be able to control the colors a little more. In the end, their paintings have several distinct colors. Watching the two of them side by side, it is truly amazing to see their different styles and interests. Arlene fills it all up, big strokes and in the end, her paintings are usually more “filled in.” Ada’s paintings seems to have more strokes and lines. She also leans heavily toward blue.


We play music or I’ll sing, or both while we paint. I try to just play around with the colors like them, not painting anything specific. Otherwise , they think it is my brush that makes the pictures on my paper and they want to “svap” with me. This can go on and on…! I am really enjoying their narratives while they paint. They talk about painting eachother, themselves, Papa, Mama, Kinsey, and from time to time Lou-Lou, their canine cousin who lives in Dallas.


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